May 8, 2021

Some reviews for my book Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism

Christina Pattinson, Sunday Times April 25th 2021: "boy does she pack a punch ... Her book is a call for cool heads at a time of great heat and a vital reminder that revolutions don’t always end well."

Stella O'Malley, Evening Standard, 27th April 2021: "This clearsighted analysis by a feminist philosopher of how gender identity theory negatively impacts women and girls feels radical – and even slightly dangerous.  It’s an important book that needs to be read"

Jane O'Grady, Daily Telegraph, 30th April 2021:"a brave, enlightening, closely argued book, by a fearless woman."

Lydia Perovic, Substack, May 3rd 2021: "Like a field botanist, Stock sifts through the available arguments calmly and patiently, and gives the opposing views generous readings."

Mary Harrington, Unherd, May 6th, 2021: "Stock’s analysis is razor-sharp, in Enlightenment terms, and her prose is finely-honed."

Ann Furedi, Spiked Online, May 11th 2021: "Kathleen Stock's marvellous new book provides a rigorous, feminist critique of trans ideology"

Helen Saxby, Not The News In Briefs, May 11th 2021: "there has inevitably been some feminist criticism of the book and some of it I agree with".

Julie Bindel, Spectator, 13th May 2021: "Material Girls is a meticulously researched and carefully argued case for returning reason in an increasingly unreasonable world."

Sarah Ditum, Mail on Sunday, 16th May 2021: "You will find a curious mind and a generous spirit".

Damian Wilson, Russia Today, 17th May 2021: "Oh no, they’re not: A brave feminist professor’s forensic takedown of the illogical claim that ‘trans women are women"

Ella Whelan, The Critic, 24th May 2021: "exactly the kind of forensic, generous intervention this toxic debate sorely needs."

Ellen Pasternack, Feminist Current, 28th May 2021: "has the makings of a set text that will be of relevance not just within feminism, but also in many other areas: medicine, culture, language, and, not least, the study of authoritarian ideological movements".

The Week, 11th June 2021: Book of the Week - Material Girls


Vojin Saša Vukodinović Schweizer Monat, Mai 2021. Feminismus ohne Scheuklappen (Buch des Monats).