May 8, 2021

Some reviews for Material Girls

(Chronological order)

Christina Pattinson, Sunday Times April 25th 2021: "boy does she pack a punch ... Her book is a call for cool heads at a time of great heat and a vital reminder that revolutions don’t always end well."

Stella O'Malley, Evening Standard, 27th April 2021: "This clearsighted analysis by a feminist philosopher of how gender identity theory negatively impacts women and girls feels radical – and even slightly dangerous.  It’s an important book that needs to be read"

Jane O'Grady, Daily Telegraph, 30th April 2021:"a brave, enlightening, closely argued book, by a fearless woman."

Lydia Perovic, Substack, May 3rd 2021: "Like a field botanist, Stock sifts through the available arguments calmly and patiently, and gives the opposing views generous readings."

Mary Harrington, Unherd, May 6th, 2021: "Stock’s analysis is razor-sharp, in Enlightenment terms, and her prose is finely-honed."

Ann Furedi, Spiked Online, May 11th 2021: "Kathleen Stock's marvellous new book provides a rigorous, feminist critique of trans ideology"

Helen Saxby, Not The News In Briefs, May 11th 2021: "there has inevitably been some feminist criticism of the book and some of it I agree with".

Julie Bindel, Spectator, 13th May 2021: "Material Girls is a meticulously researched and carefully argued case for returning reason in an increasingly unreasonable world."

Sarah Ditum, Mail on Sunday, 16th May 2021: "You will find a curious mind and a generous spirit".

Damian Wilson, Russia Today, 17th May 2021: "Oh no, they’re not: A brave feminist professor’s forensic takedown of the illogical claim that ‘trans women are women"

Vojin Saša Vukodinović Schweizer Monat, Mai 2021. Feminismus ohne Scheuklappen (Buch des Monats).

Ella Whelan, The Critic, 24th May 2021: "exactly the kind of forensic, generous intervention this toxic debate sorely needs."

Ellen Pasternack, Feminist Current, 28th May 2021: "has the makings of a set text that will be of relevance not just within feminism, but also in many other areas: medicine, culture, language, and, not least, the study of authoritarian ideological movements".

Tina Beattie, The Tablet 10th June 2021: "The lack of any meaningful dialogue impoverishes both sides and leaves too many people in a wilderness of confusion and alienation.. Stock’s book can, I believe, open up such a dialogue".

The Week, 11th June 2021: Book of the Week - Material Girls

Amy Hamm, The Post-Millenial 21st June 2021: "In future decades, there will be a set of canonical books by authors who challenged today's mainstream doctrines and promoted reason—imagine that!—as alternatives to our deranged, identity-politics-obsessed culture; Kathleen Stock's Material Girls will be in this canon, no doubt."

Helen Dale The Australian, 3rd July 2021: "Material Girls is trenchant, accurate and self-aware. The chapter on the weapons-grade hooey taught in universities alone is worth the cover price".

Robert Jensen Counterpunch, July 8th 2021. "If time travel were possible, I would beam back to that moment in 2014 and hand my friend a copy of Kathleen Stock’s new book".

Gaby Hinsliff Observer 18th July 20201. "thought-provoking.. As an analytical philosopher, Stock focuses on abstract concepts not personal stories, but the book is much less dry than that makes it sound. It also.. clearly explains why the debate has become viciously gridlocked; both sides are essentially talking past each other".

Jeff Noonan Interventions and Evocations July 27th 2021: "Her book is analytic philosophy at its best, marshalling a close attention to the implications of her opponents’ principles for the sake of creating shared understandings and better policy."

Sonia Andermahr Morning Star 11th August 2021: "Material Girls is a closely argued, courageous book and an indispensable read for all who want to make sense of this vitally important contemporary issue."

Julian Baggini The Philosopher's Magazine 13th September 2021: "Stock’s book is not the last word in this debate. But it is surely a legitimate contribution to it."

Emma Duncan The Times 4th November 2021 : "Language is important. Ideas are powerful. Philosophy matters."